Our Heritage

In 1988, our parent company Hartalega was founded with the vision to produce the best quality gloves across the globe. Today, the principles of innovation and reliability continue to be instilled in our manufacturing process. Mun’s premium healthcare brands enable better care, improved well being and enhanced living for everyone, across the globe. We are dedicated to growing this vision through our passion for innovation, service, and commitment to providing high quality products. At Mun, our passion for caregiving defines our existence.

Our Vision

“To optimise life globally with exceptional and innovative products and services.”

Focused on high quality care-giving for all, Mun is the global platform for premium healthcare consumer brands and products across many markets. We come empowered with knowledge, expertise and experience gained from developing some of the best, most forward-thinking products in the healthcare industry. We believe in continuous learning, and in realising high quality brands through dedication and drive, always with care for our natural environments and ecosystems.

Our Mission

“To provide products and services that enrich the lives and wellbeing of all ages.”

Carefully developed by our many experts and technicians, Mun healthcare brands enrich peoples’ lives, fulfilling many different needs around the world. Together at Mun, we are a global platform for world-class healthcare brands, united in our passion for quality, innovation, integrity and reliability in all our brands and products.

Driven by our values of passion, reliability, integrity, dedication, innovation and quality, we aim to grow our healthcare brands to reach many more of our customers. We will continue to develop superior brands for consumers, drawing upon our considerable expertise and experience, and our flair for innovation. Our goal is to be the brand leader for premium healthcare – products that enhance peoples’ care, wellbeing and welfare around the world.

Our Values

Mun means “heart” and “people”. These two phrases form the core essence of our company.

We embrace the heart and passion of all our people, and put others’ needs first. Our logo, consisting of six interlocking “U” shapes, reinforces our message. It symbolises the continuing flow of care, strength, unity and dedication that Mun provides to all our customers worldwide.

Mun’s values are driven by quality and passion, based on our integrity and dedication to high standards of innovation and reliability.

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