The food hygiene glove that's a little bit extra

The food hygiene glove that's a little bit extra

The superior choice for the fresh produce and dairy industries

Order GloveOn® Alexa today and be confident in the knowledge your workers and consumers are protected from:
  • Irritation from plants, soils, saps and other natural matter.
  • Harmful chemicals.
  • The transmission of communicable diseases.
  • Animal waste, blood, saliva, and diseases.
  • The spread of food-based bacterial diseases and cross-contamination.

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Extended arm wearing GloveOn Alexa

All-in-one extended protection

The gauntlet cuff extends 500mm up to the elbow, eliminating the need for separate arm sleeves or additional PPE.

Strong and durable

Made from tough, tear-resistant nitrile, it's the superior choice for the food production and handling sector.

Reliable medical-grade protection

Nitrile is internationally certified to defend against microorganism risks and chemicals (EN374-5:2016).

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