Long-lasting comfort and trusted safety
with PrimeOn™ Artemis

Essential for Droplet and Aerosol Transmission

Face masks have long been used to help protect people from the spread of bacteria and viruses through droplets and aerosols.

Priority on Safety & Сomfort

When choosing a face mask, healthcare workers need to make sure their choice is suitable for the environment they will be in. Factors such as protection levels and comfort are vital to consider to ensure the wearer is safeguarded from hazards and can perform their tasks without distraction.

Perfect for any situation

Ideal for dental, aged care, primary care, hospitals and imaging practices, PrimeOn™ Artemis is available in earloop or tie options.


Aged Care

Primary Care



PrimeOn™ Artemis face masks achieve this through the following ways:

Medical Grade

Tested for Level 2 protection against Australian standards and more than passes the mark for bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE), differential pressure to measure breathability,
and resistance to fluid penetration.

Characteristic Level 2
Barrier Standard
Bacterial filtration
efficiency (BFE) %
≥ 98
Differential pressure (ΔP),
mm H2O/cm2
< 5.0
to penetration
by synthetic blood, minimum pressure
in mm Hg
PrimeOn Artemis
≥ 99
< 3.0

3 Layer Design

3 sonically bonded layers
for superior bacterial and particle filtration and greater droplet resistance.

Comfortable & Breathable 

Featuring light-weight materials which conform
to the contours of your face and available in earloop
and tie options to provide tailored comfort depending on
the length of the procedure.

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