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Compostable Medical Consumables

Sustainably Sourced

EnvirOn’s mission is to pursue the creation of a sustainable environment for future generations while meeting the current demand for medical consumables. This goal is achieved by revolutionising material sourcing and post-use management.

The EnvirOn range of medical consumables is made from sugarcane bagasse, which is a by-product of sugar production.

EnvirOn medical consumables – made from Sugarcane Bagasse

Benefits of Sugarcane:

Sugarcane pulp is a strong and durable eco-friendly resource

It is leak proof, making it a reliable option for medical consumables

Sugarcane pulp is tested compatible with industrial composting, ensuring it doesn’t contribute to landfill waste

The tree-free resource can also be placed in paper recycling when it’s clean and free from contaminants

Disposal of EnvirOn Products

EnvirOn medical consumables are made from sugarcane bagasse and comply with the EN 13432 industrial composting standard, ensuring that the entire product will convert into nutrient-rich compost when

  • After use, place EnvirOn products in municipal compost bin
  • If no compost bin available, check with local council for compost waste management options

EnvirOn challenges the current linear method of thinking about medical consumables after use, by moving away from it and embracing a closed loop system.

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