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Victor outer and under surgical gloves

The GloveOn Victor surgical glove range showcases our commitment to creating excellent products that deliver high levels of protection for you.

Each glove has been made with the consistent high quality and reliability that is synonymous with the GloveOn brand. Our surgical gloves meet and exceed many industry standards from Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Europe thanks to our innovative techniques and quality control measures used in production.

Double Gloving


Double gloving during surgical procedures with an outer and under glove helps provide you with an additional level of protection by greatly reducing the risk of glove perforations caused by needlesticks, scalpels, bone fragments, sharp surfaces and wear and tear. This not only helps maintain the sterile integrity of the operating theatre, but also gives you peace of mind with heightened safety.

GloveOn Victor
Surgical Glove Range

GloveOn’s Victor surgical glove range includes an indicator system featuring a blue under glove and white outer glove, which immediately and prominently shows a breach to the outer glove, alerting you to replace it. Knowing when a perforation occurs ensures that quick action can be taken to reduce any further risks to you such as exposure to bloodborne pathogens such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C (Tanner et al., 2005). As research shows, this is particularly important as glove perforations are only detected 34% of the time without an indicator system (Meakin et al., 2016).

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High Performance

With its fine tactility for demanding surgical procedures, GloveOn Victor Outer Glove provides surgeons with a feel that allows them to perform to their best.

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Ultimate Protection

GloveOn Victor Under Glove is the primary choice for all surgical procedures which require double gloving. Its distinctive blue colour provides an eye-catching indication for when a glove breach occurs when partnered with the GloveOn Victor Outer Glove, providing surgeons the best chance to stay protected.

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Made from polyisoprene, GloveOn Victor Outer Glove contains an almost identical molecular structure to natural rubber latex delivering great dexterity, tactility and comfort.

MBT and DPG Chemical Accelerator Free

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GloveOn Victor Outer and Under Gloves are free of the chemical accelerators Diphenyl Guanidine (DPG) and Mercaptobenzothiazole (MBT). Chemical Accelerators are commonly used in the manufacture of medical gloves, which enhance the gloves quality and performance.

According to European Chemical Agency (2018), DPG is poisonous to aquatic life and can cause serious eye and skin irritation, possible respiratory irritation and fertility damage. Likewise, MBT has been classified as a human carcinogen by the World Health Organisation (2016).

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