60,000 face masks heading to aged care facilities

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 5th May 2020 – Mun (Australia) Pty Ltd today received its shipment of 60,000 face masks destined for aged care centres across Australia. These face masks represent Mun Australia’s latest effort in helping to keep aged care nurses, carers and residents protected from the COVID-19 pandemic. Personal protective equipment is a vital infection control component in helping prevent the spread of the disease and is especially important for those vulnerable to its symptoms. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Australia, Mun has also provided the sector other PPE including large volumes of gowns and tens of millions of gloves.

“Aged care nurses and carers across the country have been working tirelessly to look after our seniors during these particularly difficult and stressful times,” said Leonard Brown, General Manager of Mun Australia. “The health, safety and wellbeing of aged care workers remain a high priority for us as it enables them to continue to provide this high level of care and support. Having access to PPE like face masks will give nurses and carers some peace of mind and help to prevent future outbreaks of the disease in facilities and villages. As a trusted supplier of PPE to the Australian aged care sector for many years we’re pleased we can provide this comfort”.

The delivery of this shipment is being facilitated by one of Mun’s trusted distributing partners, Dentavision. Brown stated, “I am proud to have such a pragmatic partner like Dentavision who pride themselves in helping the community and have shown their agility in extending their services here”.

About Mun Global

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