Breaking the Chain of Infection with GloveOn® Protect

Sydney, Australia, November 21st, 2018 – Mun Australia announced today the launch of their first antimicrobial glove, GloveOn® Protect, to join their expanding glove range.

“There is no greater accomplishment for us, than the introduction of the world’s first non-leaching antimicrobial glove. We are humbled to bring this into the Australian healthcare sector, and continue on this journey together for better infection prevention,” said David Teng, Director of Mun (Australia) Pty Ltd.

The most compelling feature of the antimicrobial glove is the highly advanced photosensitiser dye, which is bound to the glove’s outer surface and is the key component in helping reduce healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs). Photosensitisers generate singlet oxygen upon exposure to light and attack the microbe’s proteins and lipids, resulting in the destruction of harmful bacteria, such as MRSA and VRE. Transmission of microbes from the patient’s environment to a healthcare worker’s glove is therefore reduced, helping break the chain of infection. Studies show that using this non-selective method to kill bacteria will unlikely result in the development of resistance.

GloveOn Protect has been created in collaboration with Chemical Intelligence UK. Rob Gros, Chief Executive Officer of Chemical Intelligence UK, drew inspiration for creating the technology following the swine flu pandemic in 2010.

“This exciting innovation has been made possible through our partnership with Hartalega [Mun Australia’s parent company]. I am excited to see the global impact that singlet oxygen technology will make in reducing HAIs,” said Rob Gros.

GloveOn Protect adds to the multi-modal approach for combating HAIs and preventing contamination and transmission of pathogens from healthcare workers hands to patients. The antimicrobial properties of GloveOn Protect have been proven to kill up to 99.999% of microbes, and has shown to be easy to use, non-toxic, non-irritant, and non-sensitising on skin, and is the next game-changing healthcare innovation for infections.

About Mun

With head offices located in Australia, The United States, Malaysia, China and India, Mun is dedicated to produce the best quality gloves across the globe and become the leader for premium healthcare products that enhance peoples’ care, wellbeing and welfare around the world. Every GloveOn® product is created with superior precision, reliability, integrity and quality. Our gloves exceed numerous international standards, including AS/NZS, ASTM, EN and ISO, and are TGA compliant. For more information on Mun, visit the company’s website.