MARGMA releases statement on global glove market

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 11th June 2020 – Mun (Australia) Pty Ltd has recently received a statement from the Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association (MARGMA) detailing two important occurrences being seen in the market: fraudulence, and global demand and supply.


Unauthorised parties claiming to be affiliated or officially representing manufacturers and brands have been making approaches to governments and businesses stating they can provide access to stock, reduce delivery times and quote pricing on exam gloves. Some have also sent through photos, videos and fake documentation such as test reports and certification to support their claims.


MARGMA’s is estimating that global consumption of gloves will reach 330 billion pieces, with Malaysia manufacturers set to produce 220 billion pieces. With manufacturers already at their maximum production capacity, MARGMA is projecting the shortage of gloves to continue into 2021 as overwhelming demand for them continues worldwide.

For full details of MARGMA’s statement please click here.