Mun Australia receives HACCP certification for GloveOn® Product Range

Sydney, Australia, December 6, 2016 – Mun Australia announced today that it has received certification by HACCP Australia for the quality of their GloveOn® range of nitrile, latex and vinyl disposable gloves, and its suitability for use in the food industry.

David Teng, Director of Mun Australia, stated “We are happy to be taking the next step forward with HACCP Australia. This certification is a great achievement for us, and opens the door for more opportunities to work with the food sector. We believe that being certified by HACCP Australia, along with complying with the EN1186, (EC) 1935/2004, and EU 10/2011 standards, proves the level of quality and excellence we bring to our customers.”

HACCP Australia specialises in the practice and implementation of food safety measures and protocols across food and beverage industries, including food safety certification and comprehensive programmes. As a quality and trusted glove manufacturer, Mun Australia is certified as food-safe and suitable for food handling in operations governed by the HACCP based Food Safety Programme.

With this new HACCP certification, Mun Australia meets industry expectations and best practice for food integrity and safety. This assessment is based on the compliance of requirements of HACCP International standards, in addition to internationally recognised food safety standards, regulations and codes of practice.

Mun Australia’s certified gloves are featured below:
GloveOn® COATS Latex (CTS52)
GloveOn® lnnova (INV22)
GloveOn® Ridley (CHL 11)
GloveOn® Comfort Touch (LTX33)
GloveOn® VinClear (VNY11)
GloveOn® VinBlue (VNY21)
GloveOn® Eureka (NTR61)
GloveOn® Aegis (SNT56)
GloveOn® Celeste LC (NTR56)
GloveOn® COATS Nitrile (CTS38)
GloveOn® Maverick ((NTR28)
GloveOn® Maverick LC (NTR26)
GloveOn® Hammer (NTR23)
GloveOn® Paladin (NTR36)
GloveOn® Matador (NTR 18)
GloveOn® Celeste (NTR58)

About Mun / Hartalega

Our parent company, Hartalega, is one of the world largest exam gloves manufacturers, which was founded in 1988 with the vision to produce the best quality gloves across the globe. With head offices located in Australia, The United States, Malaysia, China and India, Mun is dedicated to growing this vision to become the brand leader for premium healthcare products that enhance peoples’ care, wellbeing and welfare around the world. Every GloveOn® product is created with superior precision, reliability, integrity and quality. Our gloves exceed numerous international standards, including AS/NZS, ASTM, EN and ISO, and are TGA compliant. For more information on Mun, visit the company’s website.