Mun Australia releases revolutionary new biodegradable glove to help tackle waste

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – September 1, 2021 – Mun (Australia) Pty Ltd today launched its latest innovation to the glove market with the introduction of the GloveOn Avalon biodegradable glove. Each glove contains a special organic additive to attract microbes found active in landfill environments and accelerate the biodegradation process through mineralisation, with independent tests showing a 30% biodegradation rate over 202 days.

“With the increased use of gloves and PPE from the COVID-19 pandemic, more clinical waste is being generated in protecting healthcare workers and the public. As it’s in Mun’s nature to improve the health and well-being of our community and environment, we believe GloveOn Avalon will help reduce the impacts of this waste” said David Teng, Director of Mun Global.

GloveOn Avalon features uncompromised quality to provide the same safety, performance, and shelf life as a normal nitrile glove thanks to the seamless integration of the additive into the manufacturing process. Biodegradation will only occur in a landfill-like environment, so gloves can be stored in normal storage conditions. For further information on GloveOn Avalon see our website.

About Mun Global
With offices located in Australia, Malaysia, and India, Mun is dedicated to produce the best quality gloves across the globe and become the leader for premium healthcare products that enhance peoples’ care, wellbeing and welfare around the world. Every GloveOn® and PrimeOn™ product is created with superior precision, reliability, integrity and quality. Our gloves, PPE and hand care ranges exceed numerous international standards, including AS/NZS, ASTM, EN and ISO, and are TGA compliant. For more information on Mun, visit the company’s website