Mun delivers 200,000 face masks in its latest PPE shipment to NSW Health

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – April 30th 2020 – Mun (Australia) Pty Ltd today completed its latest delivery of vital personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers on the frontline in NSW, including a shipping container with almost 200,000 face masks inside. The shipment, which is bound for public hospitals in NSW, is the most recent effort by Mun Australia to ensure healthcare workers are well protected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the course of this unprecedented time Mun has been supplied NSW Health with tens of millions of gloves, hundreds of thousands of masks, aprons and caps, and tens of thousands of gowns.
“We are so grateful of the work our frontline healthcare workers have been doing for our communities during this unprecedented global pandemic. There has been enormous demand for PPE worldwide and I am very appreciative of the hard work our team has put in to secure supplies for our hospital system.” said Leonard Brown, General Manager of Mun Australia. “I am confident in Mun’s capabilities, responsiveness and effectiveness in continuing to support organisations like NSW Health during this difficult time”.
For more than 17 years Mun Australia has established a close working relationship with NSW Health, and provided infection control support across all of the states’ Local Health Districts. Meegan Mishalow, Supplier Relationship Manager for NSW Health stated “We rely on personal protective equipment to make sure our nurses, doctors and specialists are shielded from deadly pathogens like COVID-19 so they can provide the best care to our patients. Having support from partners like Mun ensures we can continue to provide this care without endangering the lives of our frontline staff“.
Mun’s product range is crucial in protecting the lives of healthcare provides, emergency responders and other essential workers. We continue to work hard in providing personal protective equipment that is known for its quality, consistency and reliability during this pandemic.

About Mun Global
With offices located in Australia, Malaysia, China and India, Mun is dedicated to produce the best quality gloves across the globe and become the leader for premium healthcare products that enhance peoples’ care, wellbeing and welfare around the world. Every GloveOn® and PrimeOn™ product is created with superior precision, reliability, integrity and quality. Our gloves, PPE and hand care ranges exceed numerous international standards, including AS/NZS, ASTM, EN and ISO, and are TGA compliant. For more information on Mun, visit the company’s website.