Athena Level 3 Surgical Face Mask with Ties and Anti-Fog Foam

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With ties
> Anti-fog foam
> Fluid resistant
> Latex-free
> Blue colour (FPM30UN)
> White colour (FPM33UN)

The PrimeOn Athena Surgical Face Mask provides protection at a premium level for surgical tasks. Our anti-fog foam technology prevents condensation from escaping out the top of the mask, preventing eyeglasses from fogging, and ensuring maximum visibility at all times. The PrimeOn Athena Surgical Face Mask is resistant against fluid splashes and exceeds the Australian Standard for fluid resistant requirement. The tie-on design ensures comfort for different head shapes and sizes.


Reorder Code Size

AS 4381-2015 for characteristics of levels of barrier protection for single-use face masks in healthcare.

Characteristic Level 1 Barrier Level 2 Barrier Level 3 Barrier
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) % ≥ 95 ≥ 98 ≥ 98
Differential Pressure (ΔP), mm H20/cm2 < 4.0 < 5.0 < 5.0
Resistance to penetration by synthetic blood, minimum pressure in mmHg 80 120 160

AS Fluid Resistant level: L1 80mmHg   L2 120mmHg   L3 160mmHg


Description Size (cm) ± Variation (cm)
Width 9.5 0.5
Length 17.8 0.5
Tie Full Length 96.0 2.5
Tie Width 1.1 0.3

50 masks per box
6 boxes per carton

Regulatory Compliance
ISO 13485:2016
EN ISO 13485:2016
TGA ARTG 290961

AS 4381-2015
ASTM F2101

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