Procedure AAMI Level 4 Gown

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> Full back
> Elastic cuff
> Blue colour
> Impervious
> Universal size

The PrimeOn AAMI Level 4 procedure gown provides the highest level of fluid and viral barrier protection for healthcare workers, who are at the greatest risk of exposure to blood-borne pathogens.

Reorder CodeSize


DescriptionSize (cm)± Variation (cm)
Neck Length67.52.0
Top Sleeve Shoulder Length76.0 2.0
Sleeve Width27.0 2.0
Shoulder Hole Width51.02.0
Centre Front120.5 2.0
Below Sleeve Shoulder Length56.02.0
Cuff Length7.5 0.5
Sweep Width142.0 2.0
Short Belt Length43 x 3 pieces 2.0
Long Belt Length65.0 2.0
Short Neck Belt to Neckline15.01.0

Material Description:

Part NameMaterial
Body (Front), Sleeves PPSP 57gsm with breathable PE film with PPSP
Body (Back) SMS 38g
Ties SMS 47g

10 pieces per bag, 10 bags per carton

ASTM F1670
ASTM F1671

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