Specialised Impervious Gown, Knitted Cuff, Full Back

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> Full back
> Impervious
> Knitted cuff
> Yellow colour

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The PrimeOn Specialised Impervious Gown provides high level protection for healthcare workers against blood and bodily fluids. Light-weight SMS material for the back and knitted cuffs has been used to add an extra element of comfort and, at the same time, ensures the gown provides maximum protection while performing your daily tasks. By combining a SMS material laminate with an impervious film helps reduce the risk of liquid or blood strike-through, and the potential for cross-contamination.

Reorder Code Size
AGO41RR Regular


Description AGO41RR – Regular
Size (cm) ± Variation (cm)
Gown Length (A) 110.5 2.5
Gown Width (B) 139.7 5.0
Sleeve to Hem (C) 81.3 1.3
Sleeve to Length (D) 55.9 2.5
Shoulder to Width (E) 24.8 1.3
Sleeve to Width (F) 27.9 1.3
Front Neck to tie (G) 36.8 1.3
Knitted Cuff Length (H) 6.4 1.3
Chest Width (I) 69.9 2.5
Glue Length (J) 5.0 1.3
Front Tie Length (all) (K) 190.0 5.0
Edge to Magic Loop (K) 0.5 0.5
Edge to magic Hook (K) 0.5 0.5

Material Description:

Part Name Material
Body Front Arm PPSB 18g/m2 yellow coated LDPE 13g/m2 opaque
Body Back, Tie, Neck Binding PPSB 25g/m2 non treatment
Knitted Cuff TL-108 white
Thread Nylon Texture Twist
Thread Spun Polyester 60/2
Thread Polyester Twist
Thread V-Spun Polyester CMP
Glue Hot Melt
Magic Tape Hook size 2.5cn x 3.5cm and Loop size 2.5cm x 5.0cm
Label Nylon Label Size 3 x 2.5cm. 3 Line print black

50 gowns per carton

Regulatory Compliance
ISO 13485:2003
ISO 9001:2008
TGA ARTG 266929

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