Thumb-Hook Impervious Open Back Gown

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> Open back
> Impervious
> Thumb hook sleeve
> Blue colour

The PrimeOn Thumb-Hook Impervious Gown provides a high level of protection for healthcare workers against blood and bodily fluids. The gown features an impervious film to liquid splashes, a thumb-hook design to ensure the gown comfortably stays in place over the wrists while performing tasks, and an open back for comfort. This gown is ideal for decontamination, patient contact and general cleaning tasks.


Reorder CodeSize
AGO30XLExtra Large


DescriptionAGO30RR – RegularAGO30XL – Large
Size (cm)± Variation (cm)Size (cm)± Variation (cm)
Body Width (A)92.71.3111.01.3
Chest Width (B)67.71.386.31.3
Shoulder Width (C)72.31.391.41.3
End of Sleeve to End (D)190.52.5210.82.5
Arm Width (E)30.41.333.01.3
Sleeve Length (F)59.61.359.61.3
Overall Length (G)109.01.3123.61.3
Tie Length (H)63.21.364.51.3
Neck Opening (I)24.11.326.61.3
Neck Depth (J)
Thumb Opening (K)3.8 x x 5.00.6


Material Description:

Part NameMaterial
BodyLDPE Film 22.5 g/m2 216cm blue 290C thickness before emboss 0.025mm after emboss 0.045 – 0.06mm

15 gowns per box
5 boxes per carton

Regulatory Compliance
ISO 9001:2008
ISO 13485:2003
TGA ARTG 266929

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