Community Support

The Charities We Support

Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia)

Mun Australia is a proud supporter of the Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) (BFKA), a not-for-profit organisation that aims to provide a clean and safe birthing environment for mothers in developing countries.

With our donation, BFKA assembles 140,000 birthing kits annually – each kit containing a plastic sheet, soap, two gloves, three cords, five gauze squares and a sterile scalpel blade; essential tools for providing clean birthing conditions for women in developing countries.

YWAM Medical Ships

Mun Australia is proud to sponsor Youth with a Mission Medical Ships – Australia (YWAM MSA), a Christian charity that focuses on providing health care and training needs to communities in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

With our contribution of Maverick LC and Aegis nitrile exam gloves, Mun Australia assists YWAM in providing the much needed health services to remote regions of PNG.