Ethical Operations

An ethical mindset is at the heart of everything we do. Within our operations and supply chains we ensure our employees and the environment are supported and cared for, whilst also looking to give back to society. Our 4-Principles process is used to uphold these values in the making of our products.

4-Principles Process

Providing safe working conditions and fair treatment to all employees in line with the ILO’s Indicators of Forced Labour.

Leading the fight against Modern Slavery with strong policies, action and transparency with membership to Sedex.

Helping reduce our environmental impact with innovations to reduce emissions and the use of more sustainable materials.

Giving back to our local communities through financial support of social projects and initiatives.

GloveOn Gloves: Ethically Made

Through these processes you can be confident that GloveOn gloves have been made to create better outcomes for the workers who manufactured them and for the people you care for. We are committed to continuing to be a positive influence for our communities, workers and environment in striving for a better world.