Introducing PrimeOn P2/N95 Respirators: The Latest Innovation from Mun’s PrimeOn Range of Products

As a nurse or caregiver, you know how important it is to keep your hands protected while on the job. But wearing gloves all day can often lead to dry, itchy, and irritated skin. This is where GloveOn COATS® comes in — a revolutionary glove that not only protects your hands but also moisturises, and soothes your skin!

In the pursuit of providing high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) that ensures safety and comfort, Mun Australia has unveiled its latest addition to the PrimeOn range of products: PrimeOn P2/N95 Respirators. These respirators are specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of healthcare professionals and individuals seeking superior respiratory protection.

PrimeOn, known for its commitment to excellence and innovation in the healthcare industry, has earned a reputation for producing reliable and high-performance products. The introduction of PrimeOn P2/N95 Respirators further solidifies the brand’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions in the fight against airborne pathogens and particulate matter.

Equipped with advanced filtration technology, the PrimeOn P2/N95 Respirators offer a high level of protection against airborne particles, including viruses, bacteria, and hazardous substances. These respirators are designed to meet the stringent standards set by the Australian/New Zealand Standard for Respiratory Protective Devices against particulates, AS/NZS 1716-2012 Class P2 as well as the commonly referenced, USA-developed 42 CFR Part 84, NIOSH N95 standard, ensuring optimal filtration efficiency and reliable performance.

One of the key features of PrimeOn P2/N95 Respirators is their ergonomic design, which enhances wearer comfort during extended wear. The respirators feature a soft and flexible inner layer that ensures a snug fit providing a secure seal. This feature not only enhances protection but also helps reduce discomfort commonly associated with extended mask use. 

PrimeOn P2/N95 Respirators are equipped with adjustable nose clips, allowing wearers to customize the fit for optimal comfort and performance. Specifically designed for use by healthcare workers, the PrimeOn P2/N95 also features twin headstraps instead of earloops to maintain an airtight seal during extended use, without compromising user comfort. 

The PrimeOn P2/N95 Respirators are now available for purchase, allowing healthcare facilities, frontline workers, and individuals to access top-tier respiratory protection. With PrimeOn’s trusted brand reputation and Mun’s expertise in producing high-quality medical supplies, these respirators offer a reliable solution for a wide range of respiratory protection needs.

As the world continues to combat various health challenges, the introduction of PrimeOn P2/N95 Respirators serves as a testament to Mun Australia’s ongoing commitment to innovation and safety. By providing high-performance respirators, Mun Australia aims to contribute to the well-being and protection of individuals around the globe.

To learn more about PrimeOn P2/N95 Respirators and other PrimeOn products, visit Mun Australia’s website or contact the Mun Australia team on Toll Free 1800 456 837.