Revolutionising Hand Protection: A Closer Look at GloveOn COATS®

As a nurse or caregiver, you know how important it is to keep your hands protected while on the job. But wearing gloves all day can often lead to dry, itchy, and irritated skin. This is where GloveOn COATS® comes in — a revolutionary glove that not only protects your hands but also moisturises, and soothes your skin!

💡COATS® is an acronym for Colloidal Oatmeal System.

So, what makes GloveOn COATS® so unique? It’s a unique plant-based coating technology that hydrates and cares for your skin.

Ingredients that Nourish Your Skin

GloveOn COATS® is made using a patented glove coating technology that harnesses the power of all-natural colloidal oatmeal. The FDA-recognised skin protectant acts as a moisturising barrier between the glove and skin, preventing skin irritation and eliminating uncomfortable conditions experienced when wearing normal gloves.

💡GloveOn COATS® technology exceeds ASTM standards for viral penetration resistance.

The active ingredients in GloveOn COATS® makes wearing gloves substantially less irritating and more comfortable for ongoing daily use. These are the components that make up the COATS® membrane layer.

  • Avenanthramides: These natural compounds have anti-irritant properties and can reduce redness, making them a more effective antihistamine.
  • Avenacins: With anti-inflammatory and immuno-regulatory properties, avenacins are used in the treatment of atopic dermatitis (AD). They also have skin-cleansing properties through sebum sequestering.
  • Flavonoids: As antioxidants, flavonoids can protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals.
  • Phenolics: These antioxidants prevent lipid peroxidation and protect the skin from oxidative stress.
  • Beta-Glucan: A moisturising agent that can also stimulate the immune system and promote wound healing.
  • Lipids/Oils: Containing 65% triglyceride, Vitamin E, and phospholipids, lipids/oils have effective emulsifying and antioxidant activity.
  • Starch: With adsorption and absorption properties, starch provides a physical barrier against environmental factors.
  • Oat Peptides: These compounds promote collagen and elastin production by stimulating the fibroblasts in the skin.

The Ultimate Comparison: Why GloveOn COATS® Triumphs Over Regular Gloves

Wearing a traditional glove can have some unwanted effects on your skin. A result of the glove material being in direct contact is skin irritation and contact dermatitis can develop. Not everyone develops dermatologic conditions, but one thing that happens for everyone is an increase in humidity. Natural perspiration from our hands results in sweat accumulation as well as elevated temperatures due to poor evaporation.

  • Avenanthramides: These natural compounds have anti-irritant properties and can reduce redness, making them a more effective antihistamine.

These conditions can make your skin uncomfortable and lead to long-term damage if not addressed. Or, they may result in abnormal skin health and adverse conditions which your hands have to navigate through and self-correct.

When you wear GloveOn COATS®, you can avoid these conditions and enjoy healthier skin. The technology used in GloveOn COATS® creates a natural physical membrane barrier between the glove and your skin, preventing direct irritation and hydration dermatitis. They promote a healthy environment for your hands, which will keep your most precious asset in better health.

he gloves absorb water, urea, and salt excretions while offering anti-irritant and redness reduction benefits, pH buffering, and natural moisturising. With GloveOn COATS®, you can protect your skin while enjoying a comfortable and irritation-free experience.

Hands-On Research: The Incredible Efficacy of GloveOn COATS®

GloveOn COATS® is more than just protective gear; they’re a revolution in hand care. The efficacy of these gloves speaks for itself, as studies have shown their remarkable ability to improve skin hydration, reduce water evaporation, and even prevent or reduce the worsening of skin conditions.

Improvement in Skin Hydration

GloveOn COATS® gloves demonstrated a 4-fold increase in skin hydration improvement compared to non-coated nitrile gloves, with a remarkable 106.1%

improvement from baseline.[1]

Reduction in Water Evaporation

GloveOn COATS® gloves showed an

11.9% reduction in water evaporation as opposed to a 6.1% increase in water evaporation observed in non-coated nitrileGloves.[1]

The higher the water loss, the greater thelikelihood of skin damage.

Improvement or Lack of Worsening of Skin Conditions

87% of healthcare workers who wore COATS® gloves experienced improvement or lack of worsening of skin conditions from baseline.[2]

At the beginning of the study, symptoms of mild redness, rash, swelling, and dryness/cracking were reported.

As a result, GloveOn COATS® has been a market leading glove in Australian hospitals. With its all-natural ingredients and innovative technology, you can have complete peace of mind, knowing that your hands are in good hands – our gloves.

The Handy Pack: Convenient for Your Daily Needs

GloveOn COATS® is now available in a convenient Handy Pack, which contains 50 gloves that are perfect for those who need to use gloves regularly and want the convenience of a portable pack size. It’s easier to travel with or cache in convenient places, meaning that you will always be able to look after your hands in any scenario.

Hand hygiene has become more important now than ever, but it doesn’t have to come at the cost of your skin’s health. Choose GloveOn COATS® for a more comfortable and moisturising environment and protect your most valuable tools—your hands.

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[1] Aspen Clinical Research Report OATCLI4C. A Clinical Study to Measure the Effects of COATS 0.6% Coating Concentration Blend on the Skin vs ‘Non-Coated Nitrile Glove (Control): To Demonstrate the Benefits of this Coating as a Protectant; and the Reparative Role on Damaged Skin. (2014).

[2] Drower, E., Reyna, R., Wilson, K., Fercho, D., & Schmidt, T. (2016). Evaluation of Colloidal Oatmeal-Coated Exam Gloves on Skin of Healthcare Workers. American Journal of Infection Control, 44