Basic Sterile Dental Surgical Pack

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1x ¾ Surgical Patient Drape, U-shaped with Velcro Tube Management
1x Surgical Drape (75 x 90cm)
4x Adhesive Film
1x Trolley/Back Table Cover
1x Surgical Drape (90 x 120cm)
1x Biohazard Waste Bag
16x X-ray Detectable Gauze
2x Quick Drill Sleeve with Applicator

The PrimeOn Basic Sterile Dental Surgical Pack carries all the necessary medical consumables required to create a sterile field  for yourself and your patients when seated in a dental chair. Components of the pack are sterilised using ethylene oxide and  placed in a headed bag featuring a sterilisation indicator sticker. This dental surgical pack can be used with procedures such as teeth extractions, dental implants, veneers, crowns, tooth exposure, bone grafting and the removal of foreign tissue and  fragments.

¾ Surgical Patient Drape, U-shaped With Velcro Tube Management (Blue Colour) 
Velcro Tube Fasteners2
Adhesive Strip5cm width along entire U-shaped perimeter
Dimensions180 x 270cm
MaterialPolypropylene (PP) with a polyethylene laminate
Surgical Drape (Blue Colour) 
Dimensions75 x 90cm
Adhesive Strip5 x 90cm
MaterialSMS PP, 45gsm
Adhesive Film (Blue Colour) 
Dimensions22.5 x 16cm
Trolley/Back Table Cover (Blue Colour) 
Dimensions190 x 150cm
MaterialLDPE cover with PPSB absorption layer
Absorption ZoneYes
Surgical Drape (Blue Colour) 
Dimensions90 x 120cm
Adhesive Strip5 x 120cm
MaterialSMS PP, 45gsm
Biohazard Waste Bag 
Dimensions40 x 30cm
Dimensions10 x 10cm
X-Ray DetectableYes
Number of Ply8
Quick Drill Sleeve with Applicator 
Dimensions150 x 8cm
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